Feed Your Need: Charitable Retailers 2014

With all of the #FeedtheDeed frenzy trending right now on social media, I’ve decided to put together a list of a few items that retailers have created to give back.  Proceed levels vary by retailer, but this list will give you an overview of how you can give back (by getting a little something for yourself too!).  ***I will be updating this page frequently as I find more retailers who come on board with some fabulous finds!***

1. M.A.C. Aids Fund

Every year M.A.C  puts out a new shade following their VIVA Glam campaign started in 1994 by the original Ru Paul.  This year, Rihanna is the new face of VIVA Glam 2014.  Check out the two electric shades of red available in lip glass and a lipstick:

Rihanna Viva Glam LipstickRihanna Viva Glam Lip Glass

2. Tom’s Shoes

Everyone knows that there’s something special about these canvas cuties! But, if you don’t know, Tom’s stands by it’s One-for-One mantra, where if you purchase one pair of shoes they automatically donate a pair to help a child in need.  Check out their new spring arrivals featuring new colours and patterns by clicking here.

Plus, $5 off any $25 TOMS branded purchase with code NEWSPRING at checkout! Valid 2/1-3/31.










3. Sears Canada for Girl Confidential

Sears Canada has teamed up with “Because I am a Girl” and have developed a line for girls 6 – 12 featuring fashionable everyday wear.  Raising over $225,000, Sears Canada continues to sell trendy clothing while donating proceeds to this exponential charity.  Good job Sears! Here’s a link to the entire collection.  Plus, a few pics of my fave picks for the little ones!:


Girl Confidential(TM/MC) Fooler TopGirl Confidential(TM/MC) Knit Blazer With Roll Up Sleeves #97342

4. Paddywax

Paddywax candles are soy based candles that come in a variety of modern shapes and sizes – perfect for the home! When you purchase a Paddywax candle tin, Paddwax will donate 30% of the proceeds to help bring safe cleaning water to those in need.  You can find Paddywax candles in retailers such as: Nordstrom, West Elm, Indigo, Crate and Barrel etc.  Here are a few of the unique products they have to offer:

Black Fig & Vanilla Paddywax Tin

Black Fig & Vanilla


Wood & Amber Nouveau

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To Shellac or Not…That is the Question

I’m addicted.  A self proclaimed addict to having my nails perfect all the time.  When I went on vacation in Hawaii earlier this year I tried shellac by CND for the first time.  Through the beach, salt water, pool and being super active, I didn’t have time to worry if my nails were perfect…but they were.  My Pop Art Pink mani lasted me the entire trip AND a few days after I returned before I had time to hit the nail salon again.

Enter the dreaded question: DO YOU WANT TO SHELLAC AGAIN? My brain said no but my heart said yes…why wouldn’t I want perfect nails for the next two weeks  while at work?  The stress of worrying about my nails could be gone for a full 2 weeks…

My nails grew quite nicely however, with the shellac acting as a protector.  But, with chemicals and a plastic like substance on my nails I somehow thought that my healthy nails couldn’t last for very long if I kept up this – Charade (SHE-Rade).

I opted out of the Shellac vowing only to return for my next vacay (Which would be in September).  I missed it but ever so much appreciated it’s long lasting colour…that being the key – I love changing my colour up every week – it keeps things fresh! So, I’ve decided that with Shellac in my life 5% of the time, I would learn to appreciate it more while having fun with the colours of the season that are available to me.

I want to know…do you Shellac constantly? Or do you look forward to this treat every so often such as myself? Also, what are your favourite brands, colours etc. ?

Shellac Nails Pop Art Pink

My nails after vacay – shellac still holding strong!


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BeautyNext Group Skincare Event

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending an beauty event in Toronto: BeautyNext Group Skincare Event held at One – One Studio on Eglinton Ave West.  It was a great event filled with a skincare consultation, a beautiful polish change with a wide variety of colours and product and of course some bubbly and cupcakes.  Not to mention the fabulous goodie bag at the end of the night – I was definitely a happy camper (goodie bag image below).

I love going to beauty events in Toronto, the thing is there are not many of them!

BeautyNext Group defines itself as “Canada’s authority on skincare, a leader in providing superior performance products and premium luxury brands from around the world”.

When I went for my skincare consultation, the consultant was more than knowledgeable and provided me with samples for my skin type. Very customizable and focussing on healthy skin (such as wearing SPF everyday!) was top of mind.

Margaret Dabbs, dubbed “The Queen of Feet” established what she calls a “medical pedicure”.  She was a speaker at the event as well and her footcare lotion was included in the goodie bag (GOOD STUFF). The dry pedicures she created are so famous because dry pedicures expose foot concerns and allowing the problems areas to be worked on properly where water conceals.

The nail polish used was Rococo nail apparel in which I chose the colour “Hot Paints Satin” which is a lovely bubble gum pink – yum! Rococo Nail apparel is Margaret Dabbs approved because it is free of formaldehyde, toluene and DPB…not to mention they dry really fast too!

Check out some pics of me enjoying the event! I’ll post links to the skincare lines and where you can read about some of the products soon!

Stay sweet,


LOVELY LAURA getting her nails did!

Devoured about 3-4 of these babies…

The Goodie bag from the event with tons of skincare samples and a Rococo nail polish!

Shameless – The nails HAVE to match the cupcake!


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Now Where Do We Shop?

As someone who loves fashion, I constantly add to my wardrobe like a revolving door…except this door doesn’t seem to have an exit.  In order to do this somewhat affordably, I more often than not lend my pocketbook to what is called “fast fashion”.

What is Fast Fashion?

Fast Fashion – A means in which to satisfy a “fashion fix” in a quick and affordable way.  These retailers respond to change quickly and can get the product in the stores in a reasonable amount of time and create a desire for consumption.

Many retailers have adopted this notion because it’s a way to keep traffic flowing into stores.  Some of the most common Fast Fashion retailers include: H&M, Joe Fresh, Zara, Forever21 and TopShop.  The list goes on as more retailers from around the world break ground into the Canadian Fashionsphere.

Some retailers do it better than others.  Zara is a favourite of mine because I believe the fashion is more trend and on beat, the fabrics tend to wear better too.  H&M, another favourite can be quite beneficial if you choose the right pieces, plus they have a lot of collaborations with high designers as well.

The Fashion Outsourcing Industry

You might be wondering how these retailers manage to keep costs so low and churn out a high rate of product.

I’ve started to become sensitive to this issue over the past week due to the factory in Bangladesh killing over 400 people collapsed.  The issue stems from the building owner ignoring crucial cracks in foundation, building weaknesses and not living up to overall standards. In addition, low wages helped to make garments cheap, affordable and an easy decision for purchase.

Joe Fresh, the one of the many retailers that was having their products produced by this factory, now exposed.  But what crime have they really commit? Clothing, just like mattresses, have tags and labels on them announcing where they were essentially “born”.  Anybody, including myself, could’ve taken a second to check but I get so caught up in the moment, the price is right so it suddenly doesn’t matter.

I’m quite mad at myself, because until last week as most of us – I have turned a blind eye to this little white tag. Today I looked into my favourite Michael Kors Orange Tote (Tote-ALLY perfect for spring/summer!) and see the tag “made in Vietnam”.  What has come of the Fashion Outsourcing Industry?

Now where do I shop? Do I extend my wallet in order to not support retailers who pay less than minimum wage to their workers who make these beautiful items? As we can see from the Michael Kors Tote example, designer bags are not exempt from outsourcing centres.  Do I continue to support retailers where outsourcing fashion is a big part of their business? On the flip side, sales still help support other economies but to what extent?

Joe Mimran, the designer of Joe Fresh started another line previously, the infamous Club Monaco.  Club Monaco has gone through a changeover and is now considered a high fashion brand. Their clothing is expensive but it’s definitely a ready to wear line that I love.  I’m too scared to check their labels.

All I’m saying is that it’s making me think twice.

I want to know what you think, how you feel? Do you check labels? Do you shop local? Let’s discuss because I think this is a hot topic right now…

P.S. Here’s the purse I wore today:

Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

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Bloomingdales Fall 2012

Bloomingdales Fall 2012 has the best that the season has to offer in terms of fashion! I’m obsessed with the designer sale. It’s all about colour this season, but mixing brights is one of my favourite things to do! As an added bonus, Click here to save 40% on a great selection of regular-price Women’s Designer Collections. Offer valid October 24, 2012 through October 25, 2012 at Bloomingdales.com!

Here are a few of my top picks for Bloomingdales Fall 2012

Calvin Klein Pink Coat

Calvin Klein Pink Coat

Free People Lace Dress

Free People Lace Dress (on sale!)

Tory Burch Satchel Handbag

Tory Burch Satchel Handbag

Texting Gloves

Texting Gloves

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